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​​Because students from eBlend have had various levels of experience with learning French in the past, students have signed up with Duolingo so that they can work through langauge learning actvities at their own pace.

Duolingo can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.  There are apps available for Android and iOS devices and they are free to use.

Students will have time set aside most Interaction days for the remainded of the school year, but students are encouraged to access Duolingo at home and practice on their own.

If you child has not yet registered with Duolingo, please follow this link: link:https://www.duolingo.com/o$o=emily.kobetitch@sd72.bc.ca&s=eBlend​

Why learn French?
French language instruction is a required area of study in BC for all students in grade 5 to grade 8. The study of French language and culture is intended to enable learners to communicate purposefully in French and to provide opportunities for students to develop an openness to cultural diversity. 
In Canada, where one quarter of the population comprises speakers of French, one of Canada’s two official languages, it is important for students in BC to have opportunities to communicate in French.
• Communicative competence in French expands national and international career opportunities in many fields, such as commerce, hospitality, and tourism.
• Learning French enhances the learning of first and additional languages.
• The ability to communicate in French encourages the development of positive attitudes toward Francophone and other cultural groups, and increases students’ awareness of their own cultures.
Communication in French is an appropriate and accessible goal for all learners in BC schools. In grades 5 to 7, assessment places equal emphasis on three of the major communication skills: listening, reading, and speaking. From grades 8 to 12, equal emphasis is placed on listening, reading, speaking, and writing.
Ministry of Education policy states that all students must take a second language as part of the required curriculum in grades 5 to 8. Students may be exempted from the second language requirements. An exemption may apply to a student who is:
• identified as a student with special needs or receiving English as a Second Language service
• unable to demonstrate his or her learning in relation to the expected learning outcomes in a course or subject and grade for which an educational program guide has been prescribed by the minister.
How will your child be supported at eBlend?
The curriculum for French has been organized into the following four areas:
• Communicating
• Acquiring Information
• Experiencing Creative Works
• Understanding Cultural Influences
During the second half of the school year, there will be time set aside most Interaction Days for French instruction.  This instruction, due to the wide range of past exposure to French of our students, will focus on simple communicative activities and providing opportunities to experience creative works and understand cultural influences.
Our school district has a license with Rosetta Stone Online, and all our students in grades 5-9 will be provided with access to this program.  Rosetta Stone offers a blend of listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.  Completion of all Levels 1-5 will meet the requirements of grade 12 French.
How will your child be assessed?
Your child will be assessed using evidence from both the Rosetta Stone program and participation in Interaction Day activities.  Your child’s progress with Rosetta Stone will be monitored by an eBlend teacher.  With the online program a teacher is able to log in and see how much time your child has spent on the lessons, what their progress looks like and their accuracy on assignments.  Your child’s teacher will be looking for evidence that he or she fully participates in learning a second language, applies new vocabulary and grammar to express ideas and seeks to further their language skills.  Your child’s teacher will also be looking for and gathering evidence that your child demonstrates knowledge and appreciation of the culture and seeks to further experience aspects of the cultures.
Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns, and visit the links before for more information.  Also, please review the Learning Progressions under the “Communicating Student Learning” tab of the eBlend website. 
Core French 5-12 Integrated Resource Package:
British Columbia Education Policy: