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​​T​​he more we learn about the way children learn, the more we understand the value of them understanding their own learning. In an effort to move towards more current assessment practices, and as they are now a requirement throughout School District 72, we will now include Student-Led Conferences throughout the school year here at eBlend.
Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:
What are Student- Led Conferences?
During Student-Led Conferences students take the lead on sharing examples of their work and skills they have acquired, discussing next steps and setting goals for the term to come. The purpose of Student-Led Conferences is to encourage students to take personal responsibility for their academic progress, to teach students the process of self‐evaluation and reflection, to celebrate successes and develop oral communication skills. Student-Led Conferences allow eBlend teachers to learn more about what students are doing at home in addition to the academic products of their learning that are handed in every two weeks.
What are the benefits of Student-Led Conferences?
• Greater accountability in students for their own learning
• Increased pride in achievement among students
• Increased confidence and ability to communicate orally
• Improved communication with parents and teachers
What will this mean for my child?
At the end of each term, along with handing in the accompanying student work, students will be required to prepare a brief Student-Led Conference in order to share their learning with their teacher.​
Preparation for Student-Led Conferences will include:
• Students reflecting critically on learning (academic/learning skills)
• Students selecting specific pieces to share at conference (e.g. portfolio, demonstration of skills, etc)
• Students practicing sharing with peers/parents before conference
• Students being given a checklist of materials to bring
We will introduce the concept of Student-Led Conferences to all students in October, and will offer a checklist, as well as time to practice in class in advance of the first Student-Led Conference in November.
How do we book in times for Student-Led Conferences?
Student-Led Conferences will take place at the end of each term, and should not take more than 15 minutes. The conferences will happen in the week the term ends, and can be booked for any days the office is open. These conferences can also happen via Skype or other digital communication, if that is more convenient for your family (because of scheduling, travel, etc).
Please email your child’s teacher to book in an appointment during the weeks listed below:
Term 1 Student-Led Conferences - November 23 - 26
Term 2 Student-Led Conferences - February 29 - March 3
Term 3 Student-Led Conferences - June 13 - 16


PLEASE NOTE: There will be no Interaction Day during the weeks of Student-Led Conferences