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As we find valuable resources throughout the year we will post them on this page. Please be sure to check back often so that you get the latest information. Please be sure to pass on any great sites you find that you think would benefit others.



Please see the links below for some interesting information about early literacy skills.

Skills - https://multcolib.org/parents/early-literacy/six-early-literacy-skills

FYI - http://www.readingrockets.org/article/358/

Your child has an account with Raz-Kids, provided by eBlend. This is an excellent resource, please be sure to check it out: Raz-Kids (use 'robron' as Teacaher Name for login)

Starfall - This website has many opportunities for kindergartners to practice their letter and sound recognition

Learning Planet - Practice ABC order with this train game

Alphabet Zoo - Put the animals in their proper place in the zoo as you match lower case letters with their upper case letter

Leo the Lobster - Choose a location then drag the letters to the correct boxes

Clifford's Letter Round Up - Choose from an easy or hard version of a game where a bull tells you what letter to find on the cows.

Whack-a-Mole - In alphabetical order!  Try to find the mole with the correct letter.  Be gentle.

Letters to Big Bird - Find the things on the shelf that match the letter in Big Bird's mailbox.

Paw Park - Match the parents to the babies!  Upper and lower case practice.

Missing Letters - Type in the missing letters of the alphabet.  Get a smiley face when you get the correct answer.  See how many you can collect.

Letter Race - Type in the letter that is displayed on the computer screen.  See how many you can get in 30 seconds.  It's pretty tricky!  Keep practicing!

Clifford's Word Sort - Sorting words by their first letter.  Look at the first letter and sort them into the correct bags.

Letter Detectives - Choose a letter group and listen to the teacher bunny.  Find the letter she is telling you to find.  Upper case, lower case and numbers!

Alphabet Sounds - Listen to the word, look at the picture and press the key that makes the sound.

Find the Letter - Listen to the letter and click on the letter the computer names.  Listen carefully!




Please see the links below for some interesting information about pre-printing and printing.

Graphic Progression.docGraphic Progression.doc

Pre-Printing Skills.docxPre-Printing Skills.docx

Pre-Printing Activities.docPre-Printing Activities.doc


Interesting site (especially the link to the Wet-Dry-Try App): http://www.hwtears.com/hwt/parents 

 Build a Word - Use the letters to build words. 



Oral Language:

Please see the links below for some interesting information about oral language.

What the experts say about oral language:

"The purpose of learning to read and write is to enable communication from a distance, but the language that facilitates reading begins as face-to-face communication." Rollanda E. O’Connor
Rhyming Reggie - Reggie the rhinoceros likes to rhyme.  Can you find the rhyming pictures?



Please see the links below for some interesting information about numeracy.

Assessing - http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/early_learning/pdfs/assessing_numeracy.pdf

Supporting - http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/early_learning/pdfs/supporting_numeracy.pdf

For Families - http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/early_learning/pdfs/math_for_families.pdf 

Number Train
Add cars to the train then count the objects in each car.

What Comes Next
Listen carefully and decide which number barrel comes next in the sequence.

Curious George - Banana 411
Great practice for listening and identifying numbers.  See how many of Curious George's friends you can call on George's phone.

Mend the 100s chart
Find the numbers that are missing in the 100s chart.

Mail a Letter
Listen to the number then put the letter in the correct mailbox.  Be sure to click the orange arrow to get a new number.

Building Patterns

Click the color and paint the beads to match the pattern

Count Your Chickens
Count the animals and choose the correct number.

How Tall with Curious George
Use your estimation skills to predict how tall items are.

Curious George Counts Chicks
Help Curious George count the chicks in the pen.



A fun website and/or app with a 30 day free trial! http://www.abcmouse.com/

Cutting bin activities help develop fine motor skills: Cutting Activty Bin.docCutting Activty Bin.doc



5 Senses:

Sound FX
listen to the sounds and try and identify it!  Play all the way through and choose new sounds too.

Menu of Illusions
Take a look at some of the illusions.  Use your detective eyes, they are tricky!

There are lots of different ideas for tasting here.  Grown ups will have to help out.

Sensory Concentration
Use all your senses to remember and match the pictures.


Colors and Shapes:

Color Me Hungry
Match colorful foods together colored basket and learn from Grover as you play.
Crayola Coloring Online
Color online using lots of Crayola tools.
Paint the Shapes
Click the color and fill in the shape.  Then look at the picture!
Buzzing with Shapes
Play with a friend, count the sides and get tic-tac-toe!
Shape Identification
Listen to the directions and click the correct shape
Shape Memory
Try to remember where the matching shapes are hiding


Mr. Elephants Matching Game
Play memory with Mr. Elephant.  Each level brings new things to match.
Flo and Zo Sort it Out
Tow kitties cause a commotion in Emily Elizabeth's room.  Help them clean up their mess by sorting out the toys.
Dr. Seuss Memory
Match the Dr. Seuss cards in the fun version of concentration.
Oscar's Trash Collection
Help Oscar sort his junk collection.


Journey to Ernie
Listen to Big Bird's clues and try to find where Ernie is hiding.
I Spy - Mystery Match
Level 1 - match picture to picture
Level 2 - match the rhyming words
Level 3 - match pictures by association

About the Face
Listen to Aurthur and see if you can match the emotion to the story.