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​​Welcome to the Math Resource page! 

To view the BC Ministry of Education Curriculum Outcomes for Kindergarten to grade 7 click here and for grade 8 to grade 9 click here.


Math Makes Sense (MMS) Black Line Masters / Programs Maters for Grade 3-6 Math Toolkits can be printed from the links below:

Gr 3 BLM.pdf

Gr 4 BLM.pdf

Gr 5 BLM.pdf

Gr 6 BLM.pdf

Grade 3 MMS Supplementary Resources

Grade 4 MMS Supplementary Resources

Grade 5 MMS Supplementary Resources

Grade 6 MMS Supplementary Resources

Grade 6 Math Makes Sense Web Resources​

Fun and games for extra practice:

  • Brainbashers http://www.brainbashers.com/

daily puzzles of many sorts, several levels of difficulty, links to many other websites

look under "logic games"

  • Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/puzzles/

features are similar to Brainbashers ; some of the same games and some quite different

small files that can be downloaded easily onto various platforms

  • Everett Kaser http://www.kaser.com/

home of Sherlock, Honeycomb Hotel, and other highly addictive games

there are several free versions of each puzzle, but you have to pay if you want more

  • Conceptis Logic Puzzles http://www.conceptispuzzles.com/

some free puzzles, but you need to pay to get access to more

  • Set http://www.setgame.com/set/puzzle_frame.htm

not only a new Set puzzle daily, but a link at the top to four more at the NY Times, and a lot of interesting links on the left

Printable puzzles:

  •  http://www.mathinenglish.com/index.php

Rectangles (Shikaku), Hidato, etc, mostly for elementary grades

challenging printable puzzles directly linked to curriculum, videos, cool stuff

Also worth checking out:




General Math help:


Tools for practice of subitizing: 


​Helping to Support your teen with math grades 7-12, click here http://math.com/

Carole Fullerton math blog (K-3)

LearnNow BC Math Resouces by Grade​

Homework Help​

K-9 math resources, lessons, etc from SD71

A fantastic collection of black line masters

Khan Academy​


Fun with Fractions: