Digital Media Arts 9
Learning To Be Our Best
Instructional Videos

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Final Cut Pro X


Learn how to apply the use of the green screen in Final Cut.
Don't rely on your eyes for colour correcting.  Use the video scopes to help get the colour effect you would like.
Forgot to set the white balance on the camera?  Don't worry.  You can do it in post in Final Cut Pro.
Want to add some cool colours and film flares to your videos, then this is the video to watch.
Some cool plug ins to make your editing even more cool.
Create split screen videos which mirror each other and clone the character on the screen.
Using the optical flow effect to make your slow mo effects look soooooo much more smooth.
Create cool text effects using the built in masks and compositing overlays.
Want a hologram in your video?  Watch this for an easy way to create one.
Create a video with more than one video clip on the screen.
Create a very cool video with a series of freeze frames.
Use the colour mask to blend colour of a clip from black and white to colour.