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Learning Blogs

​Your learning blog is where you demonstrate what you have learned to date in Media Arts.  It is to be completed on a monthly basis.  Mrs. Hagen has booked a computer lab on a the first week of every month to complete it in class.  The outline for each month can be viewed under the Assignment tab and has some specific criteria for each month BUT will always include the below:​

It is to include the following:

1.  Your learning target for the month identified.  Remember, this is to be something SPECIFIC - NOT GENERAL AND be referenced as a competency NOT a skill.  The skills taught in this class are "givens".  Everyone is to learn them through the weekly classes and tutorials.  Your learning target should be unique to you and may stretch your thinking and comfort zone.  Click HERE for the list of competencies for Media Arts.

2.  Documentation of the various resources you used to help you meet this learning target.  This could include YouTube videos (embedded into the blog), links to specifc websites, your time spent playing with and practicing the new concepts.

3.  Samples of clips or projects produced in meeting your learning target.  These will most often be in the video form.  Please use the class YouTube account and embed the video into the blog. 

4.  Responses back to Mrs. Hagen's comments made in the previous month's post.​

​Be ready to present this post to Mrs. Hagen.  It will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to do so AND can be during the scheduled class time OR at a time previously arranged and agreed upon.

See Rubric below for evaluation:

 Learning Blog Rubric

Independent Video Making​

Term four videos are to be produced with the learning targets specifically in mind.  These are to be created in partners and be completed every three weeks.  These are the MAJOR videos that incorporate everything that Mrs. Hagen had taught in class to date, in addition to a demonstration of your monthly learning targets.  They must be two to four minutes in length and abide by the code of conventions required for the genre chosen.
The videos are to be filmed and edited by you and your partner BUT you can bring in as many actors as you'd like.  Keep in mind, that outside filming time must be coordinated with these people and plan accordingly.  Mrs. Hagen will be evaluating the video on technical skills including:
  • Camera Composition (shot sequences, rule of thirds, interesting camera angles)
  • Sound Quality
  • Lighting / Colour
  • Editing (tight, continuity)
  • Camera Work (white balance, steady shots)
in addition to the "overall feel" of it
  • Storyline easy to understand
  • Pacing
  • Flow
  • Overall entertainment value
as well as the inclusion of the code and conventions of the chosen genre.

These videos will require a general plan that will be pitched to Mrs. Hagen before the specific pre-preduction can be started.  Click on the link below to access the pitch sheet.

Before handing in the video, go through the "GREAT VIDEO CHECKLIST" as this is all that elements that a great video has.  

The video will be evaluated using the marking rubric below.

See Rubric below for evaluation:

 Student Self Assessment

Upon completion of the course. the student will set up a 15 minute interview in which a final self assessment will occur.  The student will confer with the teacher and reach a mutual agreement on the final course mark.  This will be determined by:
  1. ​​The two major videos
  2. Reflection that occurred in the monthly learning blogs
  3. Determining and meeting the montly learning targets
  4. Final Self Assessment
Below is a sample of what the Student Self Assessment will look like.