TSN Hone Your Craft
Learning To Be Our Best
Advanced Skill Set

This is for the returning senior students to TSN Hone Your Craft.

You are to go through each auditory track below and listen to not only the message (narrative) but the music as wel.  Each are about two minutes in length.  You are then going to choose ONE and create a video out of it creating and locating the visuals needed to make it an effective, emotional, entertaining video.

You can download video clips from the Interntet BUT you also much include at least 30% of your own filming.  

Think of the editing techniques you can you use to personalize this video and take it beyond a drag and drop video.

Colour correction


Title slides

Shot Composition

Speed change / reverse

Chroma key; keyframing


Effects in general - blur; layers, ​stylize, masks, matte


 Auditory List