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Welcome to the Independent Film Making Program a form of Independent Directed Studies (IDS).  In order to complete this course and receive 4 credits, the student must complete 120 hours of training.  This could be in the form of practical training, volunteer experience, online independent learning and project planning for the required completed videos.  Two films are to be completed.  

  • Additionally, tutorials will need to be completed once a week.  These will be either presented by the teacher OR developed by the student.  It will include a short presentation consisting of a specific skill set that is found in the filmmaking field (colour correction; film genres; workflows; DSLR camera settings, etc) in addition to a short sample of application of this skill.  

  • Furthermore, students will be expected to document their learning in a blog that will be housed on the TSN HYC class site.  This will include a short survey where the number of hours studied will be recorded in addition to setting and reflecting on their learning goals.  

Monthly Learning Goal.png QR Code for Bi-Monthly Check-in Form

These learning goals are the curricular competencies for Media Arts and Film & Television located on the BC Ministry of Education's website BUT have been summarized by the Digital Media Educator.
Students must include learning goals from each of the four main competencies:
  • Exploring and Creating
  • Refining and Reflecting
  • Communicating and Documenting
  • Creating and Expanding
This will clearly be identified in the learning blog as well as the skill set that will be represented and a plan of how this will occur.  HERE is a template of what this would look like in the Assignments tab. The students will also fill out a quick form to summarize their learning goals for the month.
Monthly Learning Goal.pngQR Code for Learning Goal Summary

Below is a rough schedule of how the time requirements will be accomplished:



# of Hours

Once a week (1 hour for each)
Learning Blog
Once a month (1.5 hours for each)
Check-in Survey
Every two weeks (20 minutes)
Five Minute Video
At end of Term One ~ Three weeks to complete
~ 30 hours
Ten Minute Video
At end of Term Two ~ Month and a half to complete
~ 50 hours
Personal Learning/Practical/Volunteer
Determined by Student (this could include planning and completing one of two required videos)
Final Reflection
At end of the course
2 hours
Exit Interview
At end of the course
1 hour

All work is to be completed and handed in using the Sharepoint class site.  Assignments can be accessed using the Assignments tab located above, tutorials will be located on this page in addition to any outlines, rubrics or documents.  

Completed videos are to be uploaded to the TSN Hone Your Craft YouTube site and embedded in your learning blogs either as project samples or finalized term end videos.  In addition, the assignment tab will be utilized to hand in any documentation that is required including written assignments such as project outlines and film scripts as well as any of the online check-in surveys.

Students will write up an Independent Learning Plan (see document below)  that will break their learning down incorporating the four curricular competencies.  It will include the number of hours that will be delegated for each goal and a specific plan of how this will be accomplished.  It will be reviewed by the Media teacher, and signed by the student, parent and principal.  Once this has been completed, the student may start the Independent Learning Process.