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Content Editor


This is a video teaching the videographer to use subltle editing tricks to make their videos more visually interesting.


This tells us how to make a music video. Editing . . . 

This video shows us some tips and tricks on how to edit music videos.


This video is on different angles and shots.


This video teaches you how to do a pulse effect. This effect when done properly and synced up to the beat of a song, can really emphasize the action points or interesting things happening in your video.


These are 5 tips and tricks to use aerial shots with a drone in good detail.


This video shows how to have perfectly timed transitions and time-lapse in order to proceed to the next shot


This video is showing you whats the best lighting whats the best editing and good mic sound 


This video will help the videographer ​create smooth transitions between shots and reinforce the story they are trying to tell.


This video can help people with 13 different ways of editing a video. For example, it tells you the ways that styles like Jumpcuts, wipes, standard cuts, fade cuts, and more.



Best Editing Tricks


This is a youtube video that shows editors about how important transitions are in your storytelling and videos in general.


This video explains how to create a Music vídeo on Final Cut X.



This video shows how much of an effect music has on the mood of a video.